Stop Chrome Autoplay

If you didn’t catch this on Twitter:

In short, go to chrome://flags/-policy and set it to “Document user activation required.”

It’s funny how simple things can be so virally popular.

While Chrome can sync settings between browsers where I am logged in, I have got to figure out if there’s an API to set Chrome configuration options automatically…

2 thoughts on “Stop Chrome Autoplay”

  1. I tried your link and instructions within a Chrome browser session (it sounds so simple), but did not find the autoplay policy to set (as described), even after using the Find menu choice in the Chrome browser to look for “autoplay”. Perhaps there is a missing step or I am doing something wrong.

    Any further instructions / screen shots would be appreciated.

    I like what your change is supposed to do (disable auto-play), and want it to work for me.


    Scott R.

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