Google Chrome Missing The URL in the Address Bar

by Bob Plankers on August 21, 2014 · 2 comments

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Chrome Origin Chip in Address Bar Omnibox

The latest Google Chrome update changed the omnibox/address bar so you cannot see the URL by default. I, for one, hate it. I’m not being curmudgeonly[0], I copy URLs all the time and it’s just another step for me to click on the “origin chip” (as it’s being called) to see the URL.

Here’s how to change it back:

  1. Go to chrome://flags/#origin-chip-in-omnibox (you’ll likely have to cut & paste this in)
  2. Pick “Disabled”
  3. Click the “Relaunch Now” button at the bottom.

Rejoice in having Chrome the way you like it.

Chrome Origin Chip Gone in Address Bar Omnibox



[0] Yeah, I know, I am. GET OFF MY LAWN.

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tshirtIf you’re trying to get to VMworld US and want a free pass, a number of vendors are giving them away, including my friends over at Coho Data:

We are giving away a FULL conference pass to VMworld 2014 to one lucky winner along with a few goodies to others as well.

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Winner will be announced on August 1st via email, so register for a chance to win!

A great deal especially if you live in San Francisco or the Bay Area anyhow. We’re within a month of the conference now, so I’d suggest registering for this and others today (I think SimpliVity’s giveaway deadline is tonight, too).

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