VMworld US 2012: Day One

Day one was a weird day, roaming the city before the Solutions Exchange “Welcome Reception.” Was trying for breakfast at The Pork Store on Haight but ended up at Squat & Gobble, which was excellent. If you get time to go over there the Crab Cakes Florentine is tasty (that’s the plate photo below). Afterwards we walked down to the Ferry Terminal at the end of Market St. If you haven’t been in that building there are some great food vendors in there. There was also an America’s Cup boat heading down the bay.

v0dgeball was successful, though I didn’t attend, instead getting an update from Mark Vaughn who was one of the referees. My understanding is that the Arista Networks team won, though there were some accusations of cheating among them and another network vendor. Good for them! Rules are for wusses.

End of the day was the always-amazing VMunderground WUPaaS. Lots of amazing people wandering around, with the Weathershenker team breathing new life into FCoTR with their “Vote FCoTR 2012” campaign. A big thanks to Theron, Sean, and Brian for setting that party up!

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