VMworld US 2012: Day Zero

Flew in around 3 PM, took the BART over to the hotel, checked in and headed out to Fisherman’s Wharf for some In-n-Out Burger action. Ended up at Rogue Ales, and were so enamored with their beer that we missed the #vBeers. By the time we were ready to head over many of the international & East Coast folks were heading to bed, so we diverted to 21st Amendment. Tasty beer there, too. At Rogue I’d suggest the Hazelnut Honey Brown Ale, at 21st Amendment the HQT which is an ancient Egyptian recipe. We also took a swing through a cocktail bar called Rickhouse, which looked very cool but we were in a mood for beer.

That burger is a 4×4, which is on the In-n-Out secret menu, as are the animal-style fries.