Upcoming Virtualization & Sysadmin Events in Wisconsin

There are a number of virtualization & sysadmin events coming up in Wisconsin in the next two months. Here are the ones that I know of, if you know of more please comment and I’ll add them.

  • Madison’s first ever #vBeers is Thursday, April 26, 2012 at the UW-Madison Memorial Union. I’m putting it together, if you’re in the area please stop by. It’s supposed to be in the upper 50° F range outside so we’ll probably be inside in the Rathskeller. No signup needed. Please come and keep me company.
  • Stephen Foskett is setting up Milwaukee’s first #vBeers for May 1, 2012, at the Miller Time Pub, 7 to 10 PM. You can sign up via Eventbrite. So far it’s Stephen, me, and Rod Gabriel of WI VMUG fame. Should be fun. There’s also a Chicago vBeers on April 30th if you’re closer to that.
  • Stephen and Truth in IT are doing a seminar on Building Virtual Infrastructure on May 2, 2012 in Milwaukee. Stephen is a great presenter, very knowledgable, and the day is in the style of the immensely popular “Backup Central Live!” series that W. Curtis Preston does. The nice thing is that the sponsored parts aren’t overbearing, they’re only 30 minutes each, only about 30% of the total, and all excellent smaller companies doing innovative work. It’s all day, free for end-users, and you can sign up via their form. There are other cities on the tour, too!
  • The Wisconsin VMUG meets on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 at Promega Corporation in Fitchburg, WI. My friend Chris Miller will be there from F5, talking about scaling View, and my friend Keith Norbie  from Nexus Information Systems will be there talking about vCloud Director. Should be a lot of fun. Register at the VMUG web site.
  • Tech on Tap will be covering SharePoint for their June 9th gathering at the Stone Cellar Brew Pub in Appleton, WI. I was part of their first event on virtualization and databases and it’s nice to have a sponsored beer or four while you’re watching a talk. The problem, of course, is remembering that I live 100 miles away…
  • The “Yet Another Perl Conference::North America” conference will be in Madison on June 13 through the 15th. If you use Perl and are within 300 miles of Madison you might consider attending. It’s damn cheap, highly relevant, and the sessions are by leaders in the Perl community (or, put another way, the people that invented the stuff you’re coding in, on, and to). Plus, you can stay in the dorms! 🙂

Be there or be square. 🙂 And let me know what else is going on in Wisconsin, particularly the northern parts.

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  1. Bob, thanks for the WI-VMUG meeting plug. Hopefully I will see you there as well as at the Milwaukee vBeers. I thought I would add two more events to your list:

    1) There is a Wisconsin Cisco UCS User Group meeting (2nd ever mtg) that is being held in Madison next Wednesday, May 2nd. Here’s a link to see the agenda: http://t.co/lfjgfErZ and here’s one for registration: http://t.co/Q9NHGsQe

    2) On Tuesday, June 26th the Wisconsin VMUG (WI-VMUG) will be holding their 3rd annual all-day User Conference. The first two events drew in the neighborhood of 400 attendees and we are hoping to increase that this year. The event is being held at the Reeve Student Union on the UW-Oshkosh campus. More information can be found here: http://www.vmug.com/index.php?mo=cm&op=ld&fid=170

    Thanks again for the WI-VMUG support. See you soon.
    AKA @ThatFridgeGuy

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