How to Set or Change a Dell PowerEdge Service Tag

Got a Dell PowerEdge that you replaced the motherboard on, and now it doesn’t have a service tag? Reset it with the tool, which I’ve conveniently packaged as both a floppy disk image and an ISO for those of us in need. They both use the Windows 7 boot disk DOS and from (renamed to

Dell Asset and Service Tag.IMA

Dell Asset and Service Tag.ISO

Once you boot from these you can set the service tag with:

asset /s <service tag>

You can also set the asset tag with:

asset <asset tag>

Or clear the asset tag with:

asset /d

Have fun!

Standard disclaimer: your mileage may vary, and while I’m not actively trying to be malicious I take no responsibility for anything bad that happens because of your use of these. If in doubt call a professional.


11 thoughts on “How to Set or Change a Dell PowerEdge Service Tag”

  1. Do you happen to know if this asset tag utility can be used on all newer model Dell laptops and desktops?

    What I have in mind is to do a push where I can set the asset tags on multiple machines remotely using a script, or a batch file of some kind. Trying to figure a way to do this.

  2. Na matey dont work on newer models as this file is well over 5 years old

    If anyone can get one for the E4310 and newer then i would apprecaite it….just mail me buddies

  3. Hi,

    I tried this tool on a Dell E6320 but it didn’t work for the Service Tag, only the Asset Tag.

    Do you have or know of a tool/method for changing the Service Tag on a Dell Latitude E6320?


    • to change (or set) a service tag on newer Dell systems you need to use the PlatTag.exe utility as asset is no longer used except on older systems

      • Hi chris,
        I bought a E4310 and had the motherboard replaced with a secondhand motherboard. I want to change the service tag to match the sticker on the bottom of the laptop. I found that PlatTag.exe displays all tags, able to set and remove the Asset tag and Owner tag but not the Service tag. What command would you use to set the service tag?

          • Hi Shane and Mike,
            I have tried this and it sets the asset tag not the service tag. I have located an exe called SMMFGCFG.exe which is ment to reset the service tag but it requires a file call s2token.tbl. When attempting to use it just when typing SMMFGCFG.exe it appears to action something but then comes up with a WARNING: There is no type D4 SMBIOS table!
            Can not open the string to token translation file s2token.tbl
            It appears that it requires some form of token file which im guessing with a direct link to a internal Dell server or am I missing something?

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