vSoup 5, with Cheeseheads and Badgers

vSoup 5 – the USB Deviation” is up now, starring Chris, Christian, and Ed, with Gabrie van Zanten as the guest. I had a lot of fun at VMworld Europe 2010 with all four of these guys, and I’m looking forward to listening to the episode.

As a thank you to the guys for having me on vSoup #4 I’m sponsoring the prize this week: a Wisconsin camouflage prize package, complete with an official NFL cheesehead, to celebrate the Green Bay Packers winning the Super Bowl, and a University of Wisconsin – Madison t-shirt in your choice of size and color: red, white, or gray. Both are perfect for parties, especially if you aren’t a sports fan, as nobody will dare question your dedication to the sport if you are wearing a foam rubber cheese hat. You could also go the nerd route and say that you celebrate the scientific advances of the UW-Madison, like stem cell research, warfarin, and vitamin D as well as the many fine cheeses of this great dairy state. Your call.

I will ship internationally, too, so all of you that know football as a game played with a round ball and your feet shouldn’t hesitate to enter.