Links for February 21st, 2011

  • Monitoring is tough, especially if you’re trying to catch errors in web pages. However, with a little bit of scripting fu you can get a workable solution together, and Mr. Angliss has some nice examples.
  • Web fonts you can embed in your site — very cool. I’ve been pondering a redo of my blog theme, and font selections are very important. For example, I want my blog to look the same on all platforms and I need code to be code.
  • Important for orienteering & any navigation by compass, and it does change over time (making my ancient chart useless). Thanks @RonOglesby!
  • “Apple’s approach is simple. It’s an honor thing. The company believes that, given the choice, people will do the right thing. It also understands that anti-piracy techniques don’t stop pirates, but they do get in the way of honest users.” It’s nice to be treated like a human and not a criminal.
  • Various people over the last 15 years have told me that passion has no place in the workplace. They are wrong. Sure, passionate people are sometimes stubborn, argumentative, and think they’re always right, but rather than kick all passionate people out it’s better to learn how to manage them. Or find passionate people who are also great in teams. They exist. The thing is that it’s the passionate people who create great works, go places and do things with tools that nobody thought of. They stay up late reading and run home labs. They are the first to use new features and technology, and they are the people with vision that take your organization from the dark ages to the cutting edge.
  • @etherealmind tweeted about RFC 1925 — it’s one of my favorite RFCs. In most cases the points are directly applicable to systems people, too.
  • Part of what makes up the difference in compensation between private and public sector workers is benefits and pension opportunities. When Wisconsin decides to remove those I worry that the state will be unable to recruit and maintain talent. Yes, talent — you want the best possible person working for you, so your tax dollars are used very efficiently. When you consider that a good employee can be 10x more productive than an average one it makes sense to maintain or improve the salary/benefits offerings to attract them. Personally, I’d rather see the threatened 6000 person layoff than disrupt/remove the compensation packages. I’m sure we have 6000 people worth of dead wood in the system, and the trick would be to be able to surgically remove them without getting rid of the good workers. Contributing to my complex feelings on these matters, though, I don’t think it would be possible to “surgically” remove the dead wood without removing the unions first. So yeah, big mess.
  • This is a good example of the different ways ESX(i) can move data as part of a Storage vMotion, and what the differences are. The comments have good information in them, too — you can shut off the VAAI datamover via undocumented commands, if you want to (and the post has why you would want that).
  • This app lets you see the popularity of names over the years. I lost about 20 minutes to it the other day.
  • Funny – courtesy of @packetlife.
  • Good information about what accounts you need to add for vCloud Director, and some strategy in doing so.
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