So I’ve been writing a lot on Blame, Understanding Blame, and Preventing Blame over the last two weeks, and my thoughts have inspired some good discussion. Vendors have even gotten into it, with Xangati and I teaming up for a webinar next Thursday, February 24th to talk about blame and ways to deal with it. The focus will be mostly on different aspects of blame, and there will be a brief product demo of the excellent Xangati Management Dashboard at the end. If you liked their free version it’s a chance to see the full thing and be part of a good discussion.

Lots of good reasons to attend so go sign up now!.

All that aside, I feel that one aspect of blame has gone overlooked by me: excuses. What do you do when you find yourself blamed for something, and it really is your fault?

Make an excuse!

To that end, and with apologies to my friend Jeff and his BOFH-Style Excuse Server (possibly NSFW, BTW), I have created the Virtualization Excuse Generator, or vExcuses (which is safe for work):


Happy Friday afternoon, everybody!

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