links for 2010-08-28

  • Um, ever heard of the long tail? I know a person who just got their first DVD player… This is NOT the beginning of the end of DVDs.
  • Across the street from my building… Thought it was a pipe bomb… Bomb dog smelled an odor… It probably was a section of pipe, seeing as the building immediately adjacent is a coal power plant staffed by people who have the titles like pipefitter, steamfitter, electrician, etc. And I wouldn't be surprised if it had solvent on it, and that's what the dog smelled. The real question is how it got in the van, but I bet someone just put it in there by accident. The movie "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" has a great quote, applicable here: "Chill, Winston."
  • Guy Kawasaki's list of skills you really need to know out in the real world is a great one. He republished it, well worth the couple of minutes you'll spend reading it and nodding in agreement.
  • This is really cool. And it makes a lot of sense. Sailing faster than the wind is possible because, in a lot of cases, the wind isn't directly pushing the boat. The people calling these guys idiots should really not talk about things they don't understand.

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  1. At least the coal plant (and monkey lab down the block) are controversial… When they whipped out the bomb robot and SWAT team and all that because someone left a BOX (between two cars! OMG!) in the parking lot at the mall, that was stupid.

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