VMworld 2010: Saturday

A quick walk past Moscone on Saturday yielded a real life “401: Not Authorized,” most likely because it’s “501: Not Implemented” yet. So we continued on down to AT&T Park to watch the Giants lose to the Diamondbacks, 11-3 (it was 6-1 after the first inning, Barry Zito was having a real bad night). At least we got Joe DiMaggio bobbleheads. Not much else to do, it looks like a bunch of folks led by the inimitable Veeam guys went to the Chieftain. My coworker Steve and I opted for an early turn-in, to hedge against the upcoming late ones. Below are some photos.

On tap for Sunday: a sneak preview of the Labs this morning, brunch with a bunch of the Communities guys, registration and speaker setup at 2 PM, and then nothing. The vmunderground.com WUPaaS is tonight, but I missed the invites, so I might try sneaking in. Otherwise I’m sure other things will be going on. I do need to work on my presentation a bit, and perhaps a trip over into the Sunset district for some excellent Vietnamese at Pho Phu Quoc is in order, followed by a walk down Irving to the beach and the N Judah home.

I hope you’re all traveling well. Stay safe, and remember that if you’ve got a question or are looking for something to do #vmworld is a good start on Twitter. You can also message me, @plankers.