VMworld 2010: CFP Closes Someday, Somewhere

Vaughn Stewart posted this morning that the VMworld Call For Papers closes on Friday, April 9. Last Friday, I posted that it closed, well, last Friday. I think it’s safe to say that both of us encourage you to get moving!

You don’t need slides prepared yet, just a 250 word or less session description, three takeaway points you want to convey, a short biography for yourself, a short description of your speaking history, and knowledge of your own mailing address. 🙂 Took me 30 minutes to do.

As for the date, I guess it depends on where you look! The main VMworld page says there are two days until things close. The “Key Dates” page says April 2:

I’m just glad I’m not going insane… could have sworn it was April 2! I can still edit my submission, so I guess things are still open. While the extension is great news for procrastinators, I hope that the miscommunication over dates can be resolved. Regardless, you have 30 minutes between now and Friday, get your submission in before something else changes! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the reminder on Friday. I decided to toss my idea for a paper or session in for consideration. Whether it was a week early or not, I appreciated the heads up.

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