Y2K10, DECade, Blue Moons

Dear people using the term “Y2K10,”

Please realize it’s actually one character longer and significantly more confusing than just typing “2010.” Yes, yes, I know it’s not nearly as hip and cool, but I’m sure you will survive. You may even come to appreciate using these commonly-understood terms when you notice an increase in your readership, due to suddenly being understandable.

Also, while we’re talking about years, please be aware that a new decade started on 1/1/2010, despite what you might have heard from people who don’t regularly remember that some numbering starts at zero. We may not have wanted, or remembered, them to be, but years 2000 to 2009 were actually ten (10) distinct years. Hence the ‘dec’ part of the word “decade.”

Lastly, Dave Hayden of Panic has a very informative post on blue moons and calendaring systems. Turns out that December 2009 did not have a blue moon, which was news to me.

Thank you for your attention to these matters.


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