GoDaddy, SSL, and $13

A GoDaddy representative left a comment on the post about ipsCA, saying: is happy to help ipsCA customers that have found themselves in a jam. For a limited time, our Standard SSLs are $12.99 with code sslqyh1w. Call 480-505-8877 or order online at

I’m not usually the kind of person to parrot an ad, especially one left on my site, but it’s actually a decent deal if you want a new, real SSL cert. Admittedly it’s not for their advanced certificates, but if you have a couple of ipsCA certs to replace it might work out just fine. Personally, I’ve been quite happy with GoDaddy as a domain registrar.

3 thoughts on “GoDaddy, SSL, and $13”

  1. I know this’ll sound hoity-toity, but I honestly find their commercials… offputting? I know I could never use them in a professional environment without feeling embarrassed.

  2. Bob
    We really didn’t intend it as an ad. We saw people were having issues and wanted to help. By advanced, do you mean Extended Validation? We currently offer those for $99. Just let me know if you are thinking about something different?
    Warren Adelman

  3. Be forewarned: Certain large Educational and Governmental institutions have strict restrictions on who has signature authority. GoDaddy is on the list of registrars that may require letters of authenticity ( and to get that can be administratively very painful.

    It would be recommended that if you’re in a large org that you go hunt down the person listed in WhoIS for your domain (like One lookup service is
    They would know far more about which SSL certs are cheapest/easiest, since they typically have to sign off on the certificate.

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