links for 2009-03-19

3 thoughts on “links for 2009-03-19”

  1. Some level of IBM understands OSS and make valuable contributions to projects like the Linux kernel, etc. (and many more projects).

    The higher levels of IBM, and especially the sales people, make it seem like OSS is just a way to say they meet RFP requirements.

  2. Yeah, I don’t think that’s fair either. Let’s not underestimate the size of contributions IBM has made to Linux over the years. According to their Linux page, “IBM is a leader in the Linux community with over 600 developers in the IBM Linux Technology Center working on over 100 open source projects in the community.” IBM servers, printers and other hardware are well supported in Linux.

    Also, nmon is the shiz.

    They’re a monster of a company, and I’m sure the various departments aren’t always in sync, but in my opinion they do have good intentions.

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