Things I Didn't Need Today

Today has been a day of meetings. Lots of them. I got to my desk for the first time around noon. Since I was meeting someone for lunch I hustled to unlock my workstation, print something, and take off. I routinely unlock my workstation before my monitors wake up, one big swoosh as I sit down.

The problem was that my workstation apparently didn’t lock itself[0]. So when I typed my password I typed it into a window…

…an instant message chat window…

…which was open to a fellow in my Security group.


This is right up there with the time I typed my password in the wrong field while doing a presentation.

[0] Don’t know why. Most people would make a comment about Windows here, I’ll leave it alone.

2 thoughts on “Things I Didn't Need Today”

  1. Yeah well don’t be too hard on yourself. The protein robot is the weakest link. Especially when we are tired, rushed, pre-occupied, stressed. We do the automatic stuff at the wrong time, wrong place. Its what we do.

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