Atlassian Is Dead To Me

Update: we’ve all concluded that it’s my email client, Pine, that isn’t getting the job done right. Apparently it is going for the text/html part of the message, rather than the text/plain part. This is the first time I’ve noticed Pine behaving like this, but then again maybe it’s just because I pay attention to what Atlassian sends out. Thanks to Jon and Jeff from Atlassian that looked into this.

I suspect Atlassian is a company that doesn’t get it anymore has an employee who doesn’t get it, based on the “Atlassian Newsletter – August Acquisition 2007” email that was sent to me. Unfortunately, the subject is all I could read:

Atlassian Newsletter Is All Images

Did everything in this newsletter need to be an image or a link?

9 thoughts on “Atlassian Is Dead To Me”

  1. I suppose you don’t have a mail client that can display images/etc? Do you really still read _all_ of your mail in pine? C’mon Bob…

  2. Yes, yes I do. I’m actually technically advanced compared to a couple of coworkers who still use Elm. 🙂

    I’ve missed the whole IMAP revolution. I’ve been telnetting or SSHing into machines to do my email since 1992. I also have a web page with MindTerm on it so I can get in remotely if I don’t have my laptop. Given I do most of my work via SSH, the idea of having an email client installed locally is completely foreign.

    When someone invents an email client that has compelling new features I’ll think about switching. Right now I don’t think there is anything with significantly better functionality than Pine.

  3. I also wanted to point out that despite my shunning of more recent email clients, an image-only email is completely unreadable to vision-impaired folks, too.

    Also, should I see something I’d like to cut & paste from that newsletter, well, I can’t.

  4. That sucks. We’ll do some research into this. Hopefully we can do some mouth-to-mouth breathing into our mail system to resuscitate ourselves from your dead list.

  5. Nice. When I first started using *nix in a C programing college class, we used pico as our editor. There was a long time where I wouldn’t consider Vi or Emacs for any sort of editing.

    FreeBSD has pico in the ports tree which was the first port I installed…every time I blew my install up which was quite often back when I was mucking about with it. 😉

  6. Upgrade to mutt 🙂 A text-mode mail client should be rendering the text/plain portion of the mail, not trying (and failing) to interpret the HTML.

  7. Bob – so glad other Atlassians got here first and solved the problem (as a founder, how could that not make you happy?!).

    And it’s really nice to know that you want to read what we send out. Thanks for taking the time to post when it didn’t work, and thanks for reading!


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