The Death of a Developer


“Hi, this is boss-of-developer. Sorry, I got your number from one of the other managers. Where are you?”

“I’m about to be in my office.”

“Stay there.”

An extraordinarily short amount of time passes.

“Hey, what’s up with you and my staff?”

“Um, they’re kinda off the reservation and I want to help them but they think they need stuff like 100% uptime, huge machines, etc. and they totally don’t. I believe in the cause, I just want to add some of my own wisdom so that things are better for everybody down the road. And if they need big hardware we can always scale up, and do so very easily. I think they missed my point.”

“Yeah… they say you said you can’t give them what they want.”

“Well, I asked them if they could live with stuff that’s easier for my team to support. I didn’t get an answer.”

“Oh. Do you think it’ll work?”


“What do you need? I’ve got the customer calling me now because this thing isn’t running.”

“Tell them to get me the code and it’ll be running in about 20 minutes in a VM.”


“Yeah, this has been an adventure for absolutely no reason.”

“Heh. Thanks dude. Hey, you should speak at our next group meeting and talk about sysadmin stuff. I don’t think my guys understood a thing you said.”

Hot damn, this guy gets it.