Inadvertent LOLcats

I was using the Identifont web site and one of identification questions struck me as decidedly LOLcat: I has serifs or bars too!

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

I had to dig this up for a friend, I figured I’d post it. Last time I looked on teh intertubes I couldn’t find a copy. All Your Base Are Belong To Us It is the dance remix version. My coworkers promptly counterattacked with the Picard Song. FOR GREAT JUSTICE!

Apparently Computer Guys Don't Dress Up

I work in a very relaxed environment. I normally appear at work in jeans, a button-down shirt, and more often than not a Widespread Panic ballcap[0]. Go beyond that with a corduroy blazer, dress pants, and a tie[1], and you hear: “Job interview? With us?” “Hey, I didn’t know you aren’t bald.” “Can I ask if your court appearance was anything serious?” “Hey, unclip your tie for a second, we spilled something.” “Are you trying to be the PC guy from those Mac commercials?” “How long is your mom in town? Will she come over and dress me, too?” “I didn’t know they made Garanimals that big.” And these are people I consider my friends. [0] I love wearing a …

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How Things Get Built

Just ran into this again. Hits home for me; I’ve been running around trying to reconcile people’s views of projects and work to be done.

Value Up To $CMP

Once again my lunch time has yielded something amusing, at least to me. I swear, I’m not looking for this stuff, it just finds me. I wonder what they set $CMP to… Have a great weekend everybody!

Trojan Horses

Some Australian guys build a Trojan Horse and ride around Sydney with it… (via oldnewthing)

Nice License Plate

Today has been hectic. We’ve got two guys on vacation and we’re discovering all the little things they left undone. Plus, I have a wicked headache. Ugh. So it’s a little slow around the blog today. To make up for it here’s an, um, interesting license plate I saw on the way back from lunch: Happy Thursday, y’all!