Apparently Computer Guys Don't Dress Up

I work in a very relaxed environment. I normally appear at work in jeans, a button-down shirt, and more often than not a Widespread Panic ballcap[0]. Go beyond that with a corduroy blazer, dress pants, and a tie[1], and you hear:

  • “Job interview? With us?”
  • “Hey, I didn’t know you aren’t bald.”
  • “Can I ask if your court appearance was anything serious?”
  • “Hey, unclip your tie for a second, we spilled something.”
  • “Are you trying to be the PC guy from those Mac commercials?”
  • “How long is your mom in town? Will she come over and dress me, too?”
  • “I didn’t know they made Garanimals that big.”

And these are people I consider my friends.

[0] I love wearing a cap that just says “Panic” on it.

[1] I had to go to a funeral.

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