About This Blog

Hi, I’m Bob Plankers. I am a virtualization architect, system administrator, storage administrator, network administrator, end user, project manager, and developer. I write for various technology outlets, and serve as a analyst with The Virtualization Practice. I also operate a consulting business specializing in system design, automation, and modern IT operations. I am an IT generalist and I’m good at it. I’m also not nearly as cocky as the previous sentence makes me seem.

In my 25 years of working in IT I’ve concluded one thing: technology is easy, it’s the people that are hard.

Oh, change is scary, too, but that’s really just a subcategory of “people are hard.”

IT is like a swim team: a collection of individuals, with individual accomplishments, hopefully contributing to a greater goal. Sometimes IT is truly a lone individual, one person against an entire organization that doesn’t understand what they do or how valuable they are. Everybody takes IT folks for granted, only noticing them when something is wrong. It sucks to be associated with bad things, and generally misunderstood at all other times. But hey, we could do something else with our lives, right? :)

Here’s to all of you lone sysadmins. Thank you for stopping by.