2 thoughts on “My Adobe Lightroom 4 Wish List”

  1. I believe you’re thinking of a photo from August 2005 of Adriano jumping from the balcony…

    I’ve been playing with Jeffrey Friedl’s “Metadata Wrangler” (http://regex.info/blog/lightroom-goodies/metadata-wrangler) for stripping headers I don’t want from the exported images. Works much better in version 3 than it did on version 2.

    A great list that I agree with, although you missed a very important one for me: books. From iPhoto and Aperture it is so easy to create a beautiful book (which we do all the time in iPhoto — after exporting picks from Lightroom).. I believe Adobe’s response has been, “use inDesign” .. Which is crap.


    • Books are actually part of 4.0 now.

      Metadata wrangler is nice, but it still doesn’t help when I want to wrangle at the collection level, not at the service level.

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