System Administrator Appreciation Day is One Week Away

I have to thank the SolarWinds crew for reminding me that we, as system administrators, have a holiday coming up. And in particular, bosses, managers, and other herders of nerds should be aware that July 29th is System Administrator Appreciation Day.

Yes, sysadmins. You know, those folks that tirelessly respond to pages at midnight. Those folks that come running when your CEO’s laptop has a virus on it. Those folks that virtualized all your servers and saved you lots of money. The folks that run your servers, and networks, and keep things in your data center calm and cool have a thankless job 364.25 days out of the year. Next Friday is a good excuse to thank them.

Every sysadmin is different, but if you’re looking for thoughts for a gift or a thank you here’s some small but meaningful things I like, that might give you an idea for your staff:

  • Buy ‘em lunch. Take your sysadmins somewhere nice, or somewhere cool. Not fast food, someplace that has forks on the tables (or chopsticks!). This is easy to set up and works nicely for a group. Don’t order in or have lunch catered, take your admins somewhere that ISN’T work for lunch. Costs the same and sends a better message.
  • Buy ‘em beer. Like a six pack of good beer. Or a bottle of something else they like, wine, bourbon, etc. Not everybody drinks, though, so you need to be sensitive to that.
  • Buy ‘em a gift. But not just some crappy squeeze ball or t-shirt. For me, personally, I love when people give me new polo shirts I can wear to work, especially the nice golf ones for hot summer days. Something from Thinkgeek is cool for about 10 minutes, but something I can wear for a long time, in public, says thank you much more effectively. Even a small gift card, like $25, to a local department store is cool. Or perhaps NewEgg, for someone who likes gadgets and might take the gift of a shirt the wrong way. 🙂
  • Buy ‘em some time. Give them Friday afternoon off, as a paid break, not out of their vacation. Consider it a small trade for all the times your sysadmins answered their phone in the middle of the night, stayed late, came in early, and worked from home on the weekend. You could even take them to lunch first! If you can’t give everybody the day off split it up and give some another afternoon of their choosing.

If you’re going to do the lunch or time off ideas you might want to warn them a few days in advance. Spoils the surprise, but also doesn’t waste a lunch they’d pack, and let’s ‘em make plans for the afternoon if they want to.

So, sysadmins and friends, here’s to hoping that your bosses and managers appreciate you every day of the year, but realize what a great opportunity they have this one day next week to say thank you.

2 thoughts on “System Administrator Appreciation Day is One Week Away”

  1. Today, no company, whether small or large firmochki holding is not working properly without the aid coming, or are within their own IT-department, but so necessary and essential for system administrators.

    Thanks to them we are free to enjoy the benefits of modern technology, and exchange useful information, work with any program. Do not accidentally trade system administrator is very similar to the activities of a doctor. When everything is working well, they are not remembered, but it’s worth something to fail – all instantly require assistance.

    Most system administrators – rounders. It so happens that many companies want to have the staff person who will be responsible for “all computer”. This is usually non-core companies. And they want one or two rather than three dozen certified professionals. And this man was able to fill and cartridges, and the mail server up. From this simple rule: from sysadmin and require only once.

    And thanks to them … not so much as a sysadmin deserve. Well, if colleagues congratulated on their professional holiday, after which the chief will issue the award or give iPad:). But often the work of system administrator behind the scenes and not enough work assessed.
    And then he and many do not! A few warm words – and your system administrator is ready for you day and night work and move mountains!

    Just say “thank you” to your system administrator. He deserves it! Make it through the site:

    This site was created to restore fairness and justice to the people through whom humanity has the ability to use the Internet, computers, telephones, fax machines and printers, send and receive email, watch YouTube and read your favorite blogs and forums, government services and banking services … This goal – thank system administrators around the world and give the opportunity to do this for everyone.

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    Forgive me for my english

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