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  1. Hey Bob,

    Just thought I’d jump in here and comment on the byobu package because it deserves not to be overlooked.

    It’s always funny to watch articles bounce around the internet as content thiefs try and rehash good writing. The blogspot post you linked to doesn’t even seem to be written by a native English speaker. Here’s the original article from Linux Magazine ( It’s behind a paywall, but you can see that the first two items match up exactly.

    Byobu is an enhancement of GNU screen, an app which I consider to be essential on all but my most hardened server builds. Here’s their project page (

    You’re totally right about Webmin.

    Keep up the great work,

    • @Jirah — Yes, something is definitely amiss with that list. I’m glad to have your comment here, clearing things up. An enhancement of screen is something I’m very interested in! I’ll make a note in the post above.

      I wonder if we could use the DMCA against these content scrapers… Stuff like that really annoys me.

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