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  • "There is a McDonald's two blocks from Ground Zero. Trust me, McDonald's has killed far more people than the terrorists." I wish some big news channel would do an hour long special on Islam, if only so people would stop talking out of their asses about a religion they know nothing about.

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  1. Hey thanks for posting that link – it’s a great article! This is such a non-issue, a real manufactured controversy by the right wing to whip up the fear that they think will help them in the upcoming elections.

    It people knew just a little bit about Islam and Muslims they would realize how much they have in common. For example Jews, Christians and Muslims all worship the same God and at the core all three religions teach the same basic principles – worship the One God, our Creator, live a pious and righteous live, do good deeds and love your neighbor as you love yourself.

    Some basic knowledge is all it takes for some Americans to stop viewing Islam as “the other” and pandering to their fear and ignorence about Islam and Muslims. A great website where you can learn more about Islam and Muslims is

    Anyway I love your blog – keep up the great work and thanks for the post!

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