Gestalt IT Tech Field Day Seattle

Apple iPad: $670

Wyse PocketCloud RDP/View Client: $14.99

One flight worth of GoGoWireless: $12.95

Posting on my blog via an RDP connection to my work desktop across a VPN from 30,000 feet: priceless.

I’m on my way to Gestalt IT’s Seattle Tech Field Day. I’m excited, for a lot of reasons. It’s an honor to be invited, nominated by some of the other delegates. I’ve spent little time in Seattle, and while I won’t have a lot of extra free time this trip it’ll be better than last time I was there. I’ll get to hang out at a bunch of high-tech places, and best yet, do so with a bunch of high-tech folks that, frankly, I’ve only read about. How cool is that?

Pretty damn cool, if you ask me. And you didn’t, I know. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Gestalt IT Tech Field Day Seattle”

  1. I was in Orlando a bit ago and used Citrix on my android phone to connect in through Portland to power on VMs in Las Vegas, thought that was pretty cool…

    Technology is amazing that’s for sure.

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