It's A Family Thing

I’m taking an off-topic break for a moment to express my delight in popular culture, for a change. Those of you watching HBO’s Treme saw something this week that is summarized quite nicely by the New Orleans Times-Picayune, in their “Treme Explained” post:

Antoine and Desiree barbecuing on a parade route illustrates an aspect of Mardi Gras that’s poorly understood by outsiders: The beads ‘n’ boobs “Girls Gone Wild” version of the holiday that Delmond briefly experiences elsewhere in the episode is largely confined to the French Quarter and almost exclusively perpetrated by drunken tourists, not that there’s anything wrong with that. For most local participants in the Carnival parade experience in New Orleans, the setting more resembles a family picnic.

As someone who rides with the Krewe of King Arthur each year this is the number one thing I have to explain to those who ask me where I’m going for two weeks in late winter. I’m really glad someone is shining some light on it, for maybe it will reduce the “Oh, you go to Mardi Gras? That’s okay with your girlfriend?” comments in my future.


As a side note, and slightly back on topic, my coworkers will be able to tell when I’ve had it, because I’ll start naming servers after New Orleans geographical features. Like Tchoupitoulas (chop-uh-too-luss) Street, Marigny (MARE-uh-knee), Treme (trah-MAY), etc. Even something as seemingly simple as Calliope is really “CAL-ee-ope,” and Burgundy more like “burr-GUN-dee.” Mean? Yeah, I know. Though I really would delight in naming something after the OPP.

Links:’s “Treme” explained.
Krewe of King Arthur
– Continued hat tip to Rafe Colburn’s Essential Reference posts. Good stuff.
– The “Back of Town: Blogging Treme” blog also has in-depth commentary by NOLA locals.

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