Thanks AMD!

Holy crap, server pricing has come down a lot in the last month!

Four weeks ago a Dell R810 with 256 GB of RAM, dual Intel 6550 8-core CPUs, and the standard complement of drives, warranties, etc. was almost $28,000.

A couple weeks ago the AMD-based Dell R815 was released, featuring the AMD 8- and 12-core CPUs. A similar configuration to the R810 above comes to almost $17,000, and that’s with more cores in the host than the Intel.

Now the Dell R810, same configuration, is a little over $18,000.

I’ve not been a big fan of AMD’s technology in the past, because of caching bugs, OS incompatibilities, general BS, etc.  However, for what they just saved me by keeping Intel honest I might buy a test server based on their CPUs and take another look. 🙂

Also, the Dell R910 can have 1 TB of RAM in it now. A fully decked-out R910 with 1 terabyte of RAM and 32 CPU cores is $72,000. Depreciated over 5 years (which is the maximum hardware warranty), that’s only $14,400 each year.

I really want one.

5 thoughts on “Thanks AMD!”

  1. Wait wait wait, you guys have /budgets/? Like, you know, beforehand, how much money you’re going to have to buy machines?

    Whoa. I may have to look into that.

  2. Yeah, there are times when I think the place I work is f’ed up, but there are other times I think it’s pretty cool. Like having budgets. 🙂

    Of course, a budget is now what is preventing me from buying one of those monster boxes… Damn!


  3. I must be building it wrong, or Dell is really shafting its K-12 customers, because I can’t build that server (online) for less than about $26K. Dropping to 128GB ram gets me there…

  4. Yeah, it looks like their prices changed again. My suggestion is to get a machine specification together and email it to your Dell rep for a quote. The end of the quarter is a good time to get good pricing…

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