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  • "Now, the source said, parents have become outraged by the severity of his political activism, and many have told the school board members that it has no place in a public school system." – Apparently it's not okay to have an opinion if you are a teacher, unless, of course, your opinion is the right one.
  • The interesting, perhaps ironic, thing about Wikipedia deciding to delete David Miller's page is that Wikipedia runs on Linux hosts. David Miller is a fundamental reason why Wikipedia can even exist the way it does. Yet they have decided to delete him. What a bunch of douchebags, led by the anonymous "FellGleaming," William Allen Simpson, and Cameron Scott in the comments. Apparently you have to be a creative professional or academic in order to warrant inclusion in Wikipedia. Dear people doing good work out in the world: Wikipedia hates you.

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  1. Except they didn’t decide to delete Miller’s entry. FellGleaming proposed that he should be, and discussion followed. In the discussion that followed, it was overwhelmingly in favor of keeping Miller’s entry, and the final conclusion that while the article needs work, Miller himself is noteworthy enough that it should remain.

    Note that William Allen Simpson doesn’t get to personally decide who is allowed on Wikipedia. His odd reading of two specific subsections of the Wikipedia notability guidelines do not constitute official policy or even a widespread understanding.

    Articles for Deletion debates are part of the sausage making behind Wikipedia. It’s not for dabblers or the thin skinned. The clueless argue with the misinformed who argue with those with agendas to push. But by and large it works.

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