I Hope AT&T Dies A Painful Death

The new solution to the fact that I get 3 bars of signal in the middle of nowhere, but half a bar in my living room in Madison, WI? Femtocells. Pay $150 and get a device that turns your cell call into VoIP… From the NY Times:

Even though the calls would be offloaded to an Internet service provider, AT&T customers would be charged for the minutes of phone service in their existing wireless plans unless they pay an extra $20 a month for unlimited calling.

So AT&T wants you to pay $150 for the device, $40/month for DSL from someone else, then is going to charge you to use the DSL for your call? Unbelievable.

And why, for those prices, wouldn’t you just buy a cell repeater? Or use something like Line2/Toktumi off your iPhone?

The CDMA/Verizon iPhone cannot come too soon.

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  • Bob,

    Come to the dark side sooner and get on the Android bandwagon!

  • Up in Eau Claire the problem is reversed. The AT&T signal is so strong it stomps all over other carriers. I have T-Mobile and often have trouble getting IM/Voicemail because my phone defaults to the strongest signal … AT&T.

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