Rain Forecasted, From The Cloud, On Your Desk

“I’m filling out a survey. Can you tell me if we have a cloud?”

“Yes, we do,” I reply.

“We do?”



“Yeah, I’d know — I built it.”

“You built it? No, I think the survey wants to know if we have a real cloud.” Well, thanks a lot.

“We do have a real cloud, and it’s the same one I’m talking about. In fact, we have two clouds, in two different locations. They’d probably be best described as ‘private clouds.'”

“Well, there isn’t an option for private clouds, so I’ll just say no.”

ARGGGH. Ten minutes pass…

“Hey, I’ve got another question. Do we use virtualization software?”

4 thoughts on “Rain Forecasted, From The Cloud, On Your Desk”

  1. “No. Every once in a while, I go to the server room and manually flip the bits on the drives. I flip enough that it queues for a while, so I can come back here and get some work done.

  2. Hehe. “I have a lot of different hard drives, and if I move them in and out of a server chassis fast enough it’s like having multiple servers.”

    Just sucks when I have to go to the bathroom.

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