Dell Latitude D830 Overheating

Laptops, when they get too hot, start throttling the CPU and other components (GPU, etc.) to reduce heat. Of course, this is annoying when you’re trying to use the CPU for something, like photo editing. My Dell Latitude D830 has a fan to cool the CPU & chipsets, but inspecting it yesterday revealed that for all the noise it was making it wasn’t pushing much air through. I use my laptop everywhere, every day, so it’s not surprising that it’s sucked things up into the vent.

Figuring I had nothing to lose I took my upright vacuum’s hose attachment to the D830’s fan vent & heat sink last night. Using my fingers to plug the other sections of the back vent so that I could get suction through the heat sink in various places I pulled out all manner of dust and dirt. Yuck. I did the same for the side and bottom vents.

I have to say, though, that the laptop sure does work better again.

5 thoughts on “Dell Latitude D830 Overheating”

  1. The only time I’ve tried to vacuum my Latitude I lost a keycap, 🙂 but as far as overheating, I’ve had to partially disassemble it twice to clean out the crud. Each time it was a pretty serious wad, trapped between the fan output and the vent. I don’t know if the vacuum would have been enough to get all if it out. Now that I know what I’m doing, I can take it apart and put it back together in a half hour.

  2. Had the same issue about a year ago with my Latitude D830. Used compressed air. Having it again, so I guess I’ll have to give it another shot. I have the WUXGA + dual monitor + Quadro 140M configuration, so its bound to get hot.

  3. I have a dell d830 which has a NVDIA NVS 140m, I have had to have the GPU chip-set changed, twice and now I have got to change the main board which is also fried. I can not find an effective way to solve the overheating problem of my laptop, though I have some plans in my head to cover the GPU, other chips, Rams an eventually the whole main board with copper surface in order to absorb and disperse the heat, but I need design ideas and your help.


  4. hi….y have a dell latitude d830,,,my pc is get hot after 5 minutes.y remouve the dirt . but dont change anithing ….cant you tell me wat is the problem ….the temperature arrive up to 59Celsius…is that normal?

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