Mozilla Weave Just Deleted All My Bookmarks

If you were thinking about using Mozilla Weave I definitely suggest backing your bookmarks up first. In my case, I have no bookmarks anymore, and couldn’t add any bookmarks again until I removed the plugin.

Interesting concept, but the implementation obviously sucks. Especially since it removes things (things == everything) without asking. At least it logged all the bookmarks it deleted…

6 thoughts on “Mozilla Weave Just Deleted All My Bookmarks”

  1. I use the Xmarks Firefox add on and I haven’t looked back. It’s spectacular. The password sync feature freaks me out, however, so I turned it off.

  2. Bummer – I had used it once before as well. It worked, it was just horribly slow. I switched to FoxMarks (now Xmarks), and it works beautifully.

  3. Wow. I have a hard time fathoming a browsing style that would require this kind of organization.
    I’ll stay away.
    I have more than 200 bookmarks that I’ve gathered in the past 9 years with this windows profile. I have no idea what 192 of them are. Too often I’ve found myself recording a bookmark I’d already saved years previous and more often than that I find I’m too lazy to clean out the cruft.
    Using software like this would very quickly lead to a situation that I think would be very much like my basement – I can’t be sure because I can’t get into my basement because of all the “essential” stuff stored there for the past 10 years.

  4. Tim, as a point of data for you, my personal browsing style is to use Delicious as the equivalent of my basement, and to use the local bookmarks as a quick reference to stuff I need regularly. Especially stuff where the programmers don’t believe in short URLs. So having it show up on all my machines is great (when it works!). 🙂

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