It's 5:30 AM, Do You Know Where Your Sysadmin Is?

Quick quiz: What’s really annoying at 5:30 AM?

All computers.

Other acceptable answers include all humans, all software, and/or everything.

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  • …the problem isn’t knowing where your sysadmin is at 0530. The problem is that the computers know how to find him at 0530.

  • Ha! Actually, anything past 10:30pm is bad. Being the only *nix admin where I work, I’m on call 24/7 364 days of the year. I have 1 exception to being on call. My b-day. On that day, I change my vm to “This is David got hit by a bus day. I hope you’re prepared”. :)

  • I thought your post said 5:30PM first, which fits just as well ;) Thats when they get me most of the time at least!

  • Yeah… “follow the sun” support usually just means the guys on the other side of the planet call you anyway. And they’re getting paid for that instead of just paying you extra for being 24/7/365.

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