"Meet The Engineer"

Okay, so I work at a University, and occasionally I use a bathroom frequented by students who still believe in writing creative stuff on the walls. Today I see a quote:

“I have yet to meet the person who can outsmart a bullet.”

and figuring that it isn’t an original work I go looking for the source. It turns out to be the Heavy Weapons guy in Team Fortress 2, during their “Meet the Team” videos. Whoever had the idea for that is a genius. You don’t need much character development in a first person shooter, but these are just the right length, and funny as hell.

If you haven’t watched them and are looking for something to kill a few minutes they’re worth it. My favorite is the Engineer (video below), and just search YouTube for the rest:

“Tearing me a structurally superfluous new behind” definitely needs to be part of my lexicon. The Sniper has a good quote, too: “Professionals have standards: be polite, be efficient, have a plan to kill every single person you meet.”

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