No UW Band? What?!?

It’s going to be a weird Wisconsin/Ohio State football game without the University of Wisconsin – Madison band, seeing as how they all got suspended:

Leckrone suspended the band Friday night from performing in today’s home football game against Ohio State because he said the allegations were serious enough that they required immediate action… There will be no replacement act at tonight’s Badgers football game to fill the absence of the UW Marching Band.

Of course, it’s the one football game a year I actually make it to. I’m not going to make any in-depth comments, except to say that the band has been rowdy and fun for decades, and if people don’t like it, well, all the members are adults (well, they’re over 18) and can make their own decisions. Welcome to life. Personally, I always enjoyed the band parties I went to.

Perhaps I can suggest some replacement halftime activities:

  • interpretive dance by randomly-selected fans (or all the seniors taking the band’s tickets tonight).
  • contests like those that happen between periods at a hockey game, like “who can score the highest on the breathalyzer and still make a field goal.”
  • a high school football game.
  • a deathmatch between mascots, or at least a swordfight or jousting with the team flags.
  • get Donald Lipski, artist who created the sculpture “Nail’s Tales,” on the field to talk about what the hell he was thinking.

Just a thought. We’ll see what they actually do.

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