VI 3.5 Update 2 Hardware Status

I had seen this in the release notes for Virtual Infrastructure 3.5 Update 2:

Display of System Health Information – More system health information is displayed in the VI Client for both ESX Server 3.5 and VMware ESX Server 3i.

but only today noticed that my Dell PowerEdge 1950s now have health information listed (and that I lost a drive this morning in one of my test machines… DOH). My PowerEdge 2950s do not, though. Hopefully they’ll make the cut next time.

I like the trend of integrating all the elements of server management back into the VirtualCenter server. Now if I could just have Update Manager update the BIOS, RAID, management controller, and HBA firmware when it updates ESX I’d really be happy. 🙂

Update: In the comments Sean suggests disconnecting and reconnecting the ESX hosts, which did the trick for me. Thanks Sean!

4 thoughts on “VI 3.5 Update 2 Hardware Status”

  1. My 2950s did not show the System Health information on the configuration tab at first either. When I connected via the VI client to the hosts directly I was able to see it. I did some searching and saw in a VMware user forum post the suggestion to disconnect and then connect back the servers in the virtual center client. I did that and then the System Health information showed up fine.

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