VMworld 2008

As of 10:50 AM CDT I have a flight to Las Vegas for VMworld 2008. This means I’m completely registered and ready to go, waiting only for the course reservations to open up and the date to arrive.

This should be fun, especially since I’ve never been to Vegas before. I’m not really a gambler, so I’ll have to find other ways of amusing myself. Anybody have any suggestions for things I shouldn’t miss? And what else are people up to during the week?

7 thoughts on “VMworld 2008”

  1. If you’re not scared of heights, check out the top of the Stratosphere. The rides are quite a thrill.

  2. Fountains at Bellagio, Fremont Street Experience, Lion Habitat at MGM Grand, Volcano at the Mirage..

    OH and ask all vmware reps why they dont have a seperate SKU for consolidated backup =)

  3. Ok.. at this point I know 4 people (myself included) on that flight. We should all wear something “to designate” that we are heading to Vegas for VMworld.

  4. Definetly take the walk down Fremont St. at night – Unusual people, cool lightshow, good food.
    I’d also recommend taking a cab to Henderson, right outside Vegas. The Green Valley Casino is where alot of locals go and it pays out. I always have luck there and not alot of tourists.
    Have fun!

  5. Maitri, I’ll have Monday to rest my liver. Maybe.

    Fremont St. sounds cool. Stratosphere sounds interesting, too. I am definitely not afraid of heights.

  6. The fountains at the Bellagio are cool, but they play a variety of songs, some of which are better than others. The conservatory inside the Bellagio was actually one of my favorite parts; it was full of things like floral sculptures and 20-foot glass flowers, and they rotate the displays every couple of months. I’d advise not going to the Bellagio the first night, though, because everything other than the MGM Grand will look trashy after that.

    Stay away from the Treasure Island pirate show. It’s not worth the time you stand around watching and waiting for it.

    Lotus of Siam is a fantastic Thai restaurant. And if you do get anywhere near I Love Sushi in Henderson, you, too, can experience the greatness of the Tastes Like My Ex-Girlfriend roll. (Is it unfortunate that I’m the one mentioning it?)

    I’m sure Carrot Top is playing somewhere…

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