links for 2008-07-14

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  1. On the J4500 array…or more properly, Thumper, since you need some kind of processor, you can put it on the SAN with OpenSolaris, and probably in Solaris 11. Look up the Comstar project…it’ll let you throw up a lun on iscsi or fibrechannel from a parent zfs volume. Would I run mission-critical stuff on? Not a chance…yet. Rumor is that someone is going to release an appliance based on exactly that model, but I’m not sure it’ll be Sun, what with the Netapp lawsuit and all.Glad to hear someone else who still sees life in fibrechannel, unless Brocade and Cisco manage to kill it with internecine bickering over standards.

  2. “With regard to the fact that I consider text messaging to be useful and legit, am I odd or is Nick Mortensen totally clueless?”

    Nick was being mostly tongue-in-cheek in this column. It was more about the rumors that a pro-Football player would negotiate a contract via text messages then texting over 30. Thanks for the link!

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