Never Had a Text Message Wrong Number Before

“u r makin me miserable” appears on my iPhone, from some unknown cell phone number.

“I’m sorry about that. Who is this?” I probably make a lot of people miserable, so I figured I’d be polite.

“u deleted my #?”

“Perhaps it didn’t get copied when I changed phones.” Yes, I text back in full sentences. That’s my thing.

“ur killin me”

“I’m sorry you feel that way. Are you sure I’m the right person?”

“how can u say that 2 me”

…five minutes passes…

“omg im sorry feel like an idiot i dont no u got the # wrong”

“I’m just relieved it isn’t me making you unhappy. Hope everything works out.”

Makes me wonder, though, what the English language is going to look like in 30 years. Punctuation is so overrated, after all.

8 thoughts on “Never Had a Text Message Wrong Number Before”

  1. Hey Bob, you ever consider licensing out “im in ur data centrz patchin ur serverz”? I’m considering putting it on my resume.

  2. I’m a former sysadmin (Solaris/Linux (RHCE)) turned med student. I just found your site and loved it. The comment about punctuation and writing in complete sentences sealed the deal (oddly enough).

    You’ve been $rssfeed++ 🙂

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