PeopleSoft & VMware

Even though PeopleSoft is part of Oracle (and possibly subject to their anti-VMware support policies) our apps guys checked to see if VMware was an option. As it turns out, PeopleSoft solution 200955472 entitled “Does Peoplesoft support VMWare” has the answer: yes.

PeopleSoft certifies our products (PeopleTools and EnterpriseOne Tools) on certain operating systems (including Windows 2000*, Windows Server 2003, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, etc.), not on specific hardware configurations. Therefore, as long as a customer configures VMWare virtual machines with supported operating systems, we will treat them as though they are independent (non-virtual) systems and provide full support. Our support team will attempt to resolve issues using our own environments with the same operating system. We will treat VMWare virtual machines in a similar manner to any other non-virtual hardware system. That is, we will likely configure independent systems with a supported operating system for web/app/database servers and attempt to replicate a problem. In the event that we cannot replicate an issue on separate systems using the same OS, we will look to EMC/VMWare or the OS vendor to address the problem and will work with them to find a resolution.

It’s cool how just a few words can remove a column of hardware in my data center. Thanks PeopleSoft!

3 thoughts on “PeopleSoft & VMware”

  1. VMware is t3h suck compared to Parallels Virtuozzo. Have you looked into it? I have never before run an AD DC, SQL, Exchange, Building Controls and a webserver on the same hardware, different containers, with such speed.

    I used to like VMware – now I hate it. This is not “Parallels”, this is Virtuozzo. A completely separate product. I also use OpenVZ on linux.

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