Signed, Stealed, Delivered

Am I missing something here, or is this one hell of a typo? Stealed? I found this last night in the FedEx Kinko’s “What’s your sign?” brochure, while waiting for them to make easy work of my huge icky print job. Click on the image for a larger version.

Maybe the Kinkos guy in the photo is actually taking the banner away from the customer. If it is just a typo maybe the fix could also remove the lame cliches.

1 thought on “Signed, Stealed, Delivered”

  1. We got a ridiculously irate e-mail today from a guy who was VERY upset that some FERPA link on the registrar’s site was accidentally spelled “turtorial” and went to an Angelfire-esque tribute to some fifth-grader’s turtles. “This is a completely unprofessional university representation! I want to make sure that the proper actions are taken against whoever is responsible for this!”

    Duly noted; thank you for your comment 😛

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