Dear WWDC Keynote

Dear WWDC keynote people,

Just shut up and tell me about the new iPhone hardware. I don’t care if the AP has an app to show me news. Boooorrring — I have that already. It’s called Mobile Safari. And, why don’t you make your main web site less of a pile of crap, instead of making an app for the iPhone? And why isn’t it free? You are still losing to, as far as I can tell.

Also, anyone want to start a pool on when the first marriage ends because of Loopt?


1 thought on “Dear WWDC Keynote”

  1. Well, you’ve actually got a point. The AP demo was pretty lackluster, but I liked the one. I’m secretely hoping for a equivalent, since I’m an NBA fan myself. The game demos were cool, and I liked the straightforward approach of TypePad.

    Haven’t seen any iPhone 3G hardware in the wild here at WWDC08, so I guess not many people can provide the info you crave 😉

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