VMware Builds, Update 1 Problems, Details, etc.

Hmm, just read a post over at virtualization.info about how the latest VMware VirtualCenter build numbers don’t match the web site. I guess I didn’t notice that the web site says build 84782 but my client reports 84767. Yet another detail that didn’t get attended to. It’s always the details that make life miserable.

I was talking to another VMware customer the other day who was telling me that they were waiting for Update 1 to come out before they migrated from VI 3.0. At the time I thought that was prudent, but with reports of Update 1 problems on top of this build issue I’d advise anybody running a stable VI 3.0 environment just to stay there.

2 thoughts on “VMware Builds, Update 1 Problems, Details, etc.”

  1. The build numbers were actually correct. (The installer build number is different than the VC build number — it’s documented, but confusing.) We’re still investigating the other issues.

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