lostcreations "Add Port Groups" Plugin Rocks

I just used the lostcreations “Add Port Groups” plugin to add 15 VLANs to six new ESX servers. Holy crap, that’s slick. Adding port groups is the thing I dread the most about new ESX hosts since it’s typo-prone and generally annoying.

This is the sort of thing I want to see built into management consoles like VirtualCenter: cluster configuration options. Beyond adding port groups, it’s rescanning HBAs, or configuring NTP, firewalls, licensing, DNS, advanced settings, everything. If I can do it to one machine I want to be able to do it to ten of them simultaneously.

It’d even be nice if I could add a host and tell it to pick up the configuration from the rest of the cluster. Especially if things like Distributed Power Management take off. How will a sleeping machine know what changed when it wakes up again?

4 thoughts on “lostcreations "Add Port Groups" Plugin Rocks”

  1. hey that IS slick.. pre-3.5 i used a freeware tool (the name escapes me) that automagically pulls the network info from a server and lets you apply it to others. saved me a lot of button clicking for sure.

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