iPhone Enterprise Beta

I don’t know about all you developer types out there that got the iPhone rejection letters but I got my iPhone Enterprise Beta invite today. w00t! I’d say “In yo face developers!” except it isn’t the same. Plus I’m a nice guy and would never say something like that.[0]

It should be interesting. I normally dislike NDAs, and now I’m under one, but then many of the details are already public. Means I have to stop letting people play with my phone, which might be a good thing. Not for Apple, though — most people who play with my phone for more than five minutes end up buying one.

I’d say I’d keep you posted, but, well, um, yeah. Frickin’ NDAs. 🙂

[0] In the immortal words of Wayne, “and monkeys will fly from my butt.”

2 thoughts on “iPhone Enterprise Beta”

  1. Absolutely. I’m always very serious about NDAs, having been on both sides of them. There was a lot of talk about this sort of thing out at VMworld last year, especially surrounding certain bloggers who violated their NDAs. As a guy who follows the rules I like that Apple’s NDAs have teeth.

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