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  1. Obama a civil libertarian? Really?

    For one, I would hardly take an op-ed piece in the New York Times seriously. Am I supposed to form a legitimate opinion from a publication that has their track record… much less from one of their opinion pages. The piece is nothing more than Hillary bashing. Hell, it has an ad next to it asking “Is Obama a Mac and Clinton is a PC?” I really can’t take that too seriously. Alright, alright, so from the article, Obama went out of his way to increase the rights of criminals and people who want to kill you and I for the way we live.

    Civil libertarians generally want the government out of their lives.
    “The primary concern of the civil libertarian is the relationship of the government to the individual. The civil libertarian seeks, in theory, to restrict this relationship to an absolute minimum in which the state can function and provide basic services and securities without excessively interfering in the lives of its citizens.” From wikipedia… yeah I know… (

    Take one look at his health care plan and tell me how it is an example of being a civil libertarian:

    Obviously, socialized medicine has worked so well in every other place in the world that it has been tried, we should do it here too. Aside from the general trend of increasing costs and lowering quality, answer one question for me: In the Obamatopian society we about to get, who is going to pay for it? (hint: check to see if you still have your wallet)

    I could go on about other topics like that of Illegal Aliens (and how legitimizing them simply erodes the civil liberties of those who are here legally), but I’ll simply stop with a: Civil Libertarian… hmmmph!

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