Don't Store Things You Care About In /tmp

“Hey guys,” he says, stepping into our office. “I have a problem.”

“What is it?” we reply.

“Now that I’m back from vacation I find all the data for a project I was doing is missing.”

“Restore it from backup.”

“It doesn’t seem to have been backed up, either.”

“Where was the data?”


“Ever heard of tmpwatch?” It’s now obvious why it’s missing and why it didn’t get backed up.


Moral of the story: /tmp is for temporary stuff, not your big project’s data.

1 thought on “Don't Store Things You Care About In /tmp”

  1. I’m not sure this was a developer or not, but I’m guessing “yes” based on the last post.

    I have *zero* pull in our Computer Science department, but I’ve always wanted to teach one freaking lecture in every project course I could about “system administration for developers” or “don’t be a moron and *actually* understand the system you are on and the recurring processes on said system”

    One can dream, can’t he?

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