$20 for an iPod update?!? Like Ohmygod!

“Dude, that’s lame that it costs $20 to get the new iPod Touch apps.”

“Yeah, totally. They’re just copying apps from the iPhone, like that costs $20 each.”

“You know,” I chime in. “I don’t like subsidizing your iPod with my iPhone.”


“I pay a bunch of money a month for my iPhone, some of which gets back to Apple and pays for improvements. You pay nothing except the purchase price for your iPod Touch. Is it fair to me if you get copies of software I paid to develop?”

“Your iPhone only exists because of all the iPods sold before it.”

“Yeah, but most new iPod features were released along with new hardware. You couldn’t play videos on the original iPod, for instance. You needed to buy a new one to get video. Now that the iPhones & iPod Touches are more multi-purpose they need a different funding model for development.”

“It still sucks.”

“Buy a Zune next time, then.”

3 thoughts on “$20 for an iPod update?!? Like Ohmygod!”

  1. i agree – got exactly the same problem! have now bought a digital keyring and same problem! installed it on windows and it works just fine – on vista it crashes! wot a joke!

  2. so my i-tunes are useless coz it COMPLETELY crashes my computer! and the digital software says there’s a problem so windows is shutting it down! as i stated before not a single problem when i load it on xp, but the whole point of me getting a new computer was to dump the old one NOT keep going back to it! well, at the end of the day its i-tunes that will be losing out as you cant download anything therefore they won’t get any money! if they only wanted you to buy mac computers then i-pod should state that and then NOT take your money if you’ve another computer! really pissed off over this. all this technology at my fingertips but vista hasn’t got a clue how to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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