Predictions For 2008

What is it with people predicting things for next year? Am I the only one without a crystal ball? I was thinking that if I have to read another predictive blog post I’m going to hurt myself. But then, right as I was picking up the meat tenderizer for a whack on the skull, I thought, “hey, why don’t I post my own predictions for 2008?”

1. Virtualization will continue to exist.

All throughout 2008 people will continue to virtualize things, doing it at least slightly faster than they did in 2007.

2. Hardware will get faster and have new features that do new things.

Bus, CPU, and network speeds will get faster. Hardware vendors will release new models which will come complete with new model numbers.

3. RAM will get cheaper.

By December 2008 you will be able to purchase more than 8 GB of RAM for the current price of one 8 GB DIMM.

4. Software will continue to need updates.

With no indications that software developers will become omnipotent during 2008 I predict they will continue to have bugs in their software. Like developers, some will be serious and some will not.

5. Virtual environment security will continue to be discussed, ad nauseum.

If a hypervisor vulnerability is actually found there will be much “I told you so” exuberance, immediately followed by a series of patching exercises, eye rolling, and acknowledgment that hypervisors are software, too.

There. Now all I have to do is pull the Ikea sticker off my crystal ball, change my name to “Nostradamus II: The Revenge,” and wait for the book deals to come rolling in. 🙂

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  1. My girlfriend hates anything involving Nostradamus. She refuses to watch anything having to do with him or even be in the same room with me when I do. So do me a favor, when you release your first book, make sure the publisher doesn’t put the word Nostradamus on the cover!

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